October 13, 2011

The Sewing Summit My last-minute decision to go to the Sewing Summit was one of the best ones I've made in a long time... It was SO fun. I met a ton of great girls that I can't wait to see next year! The whole trip felt like a big blur, and I hardly took any pictures (which always seems to happen whenever I'm having a lot of fun) but I'll try to remember and give a little synopsis. Thursday - I flew out of Roanoke around 1:30. I was really nervous to leave. I hadn't flown in a long time, especially by myself, and never by myself for such a long trip! I survived though, and got to SLC at around 8:30pm MST. I got to the hotel, followed shortly thereafter by Kaitlin, my roomie! I called up Amanda and we met her and a bunch of other girls in her hotel room for a few minutes before bed. Friday - Kaitlin and I got up and headed downstairs to find some of our new friends in the lobby. Kait and I grabbed breakfast. Then we planned on renting a car for the day so we could check out the city a little bit. We ended up catching a ride with Amanda Hall, who had rented a big car that seated seven... exactly the number of people in our little group that morning! Perfect! So Kait, Amanda H., Amanda Porkchop, Jessica, Angela, Jeni and I all piled into a car and went on our own mini shop hop! We checked out a couple of fabric stores, a yarn store, and had lunch and frozen yogurt. SO fun. Later that evening, there was an opening mixer/reception type thing. They had beer/wine and cheese and crackers and things. We all mingled and talked, and I met a ton of people. After that, a bunch of us met up in Amanda Porkchop's room and she (along with some other helpers) taught me, Angela and Jessica how to knit! We went to bed at a decent hour so we could go to class in the morning. Saturday - Kait and I got up early so we could go to our classes! Our first class was Improv Piecing - How to Think Outside the Box with Jessica Berrett of Urban Patchwork. This class was held in a huge room filled with sewimg machines and ironing boards and cutting mats. I still have a hard time "thinking outside of the box" and I need to experiment with some curved piecing, but I still think my very straight imrpov-pieced sampler is fun :) My second class was Quilting at Home - Freemotion Quilting for the Modern Quilter with Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew. Freemotion quilting is HARD. It's the complete opposite of using a longarm - it's like drawing by moving the "paper" (quilt) rather than the "pen" (needle.) But I did learn a bunch in this class! It just so happened that the sewing machines we were...


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